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How To Make $100,000 Per Year as a Pilates Professional in Under 2 Years!


As the leader in Pilates Business Coaching, we love giving away valuable tools that make a difference! And we are out to change the face of pilates business training. We get told the following all the time:

“Your free audio training and eBook gave me more business information I could use right away than my teacher training course did.”

The Pilates Business Master Starter Program includes our popular 60+ page eBook, Abundant Living, The Pilates Professional’s Guide to Earning $100,000 a Year.  Plus feel free to request and down load our other free eLearning tools that will have you start learning, then mastering the business side of pilates.

Your Business Master Starter Program Also Includes…

  • Pilates Business Breakthrough Classic,  Mp3
  • Pilates Business Breakthrough 2014,  Mp3
  • Business Templates, Check lists, and Materials,
  • PDF downloads
  • Marketing Minute – Business Minute, short e-news business growth and marketing insights delivered via email
  • Business Breakthrough On-Demand Slide Webinar, streaming video plus training materials — sometimes live!


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60 Page eBook

Business Minute Insights
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